Friday, October 5, 2012


So yesterday when I was riding my bike I went for the regular 2 miles and it seemed easy, but supper was in the oven so I could not go for longer, but today I went for 4 miles.  I wasn't sure if I should double it, but it was not too far, I wasn't even exhausted when I got back, felt good enough to pick up all the branches before I even went in for a drink.

I found a race I would love to enter, but I am worried now about my shins but I really do want to run in it and the deadline is Oct 21, so by then I will have to decide.  The run is on Nov 4th in Banff and it is at night, and it just sounds real cool.  I am trying to talk a friend into going with me, if she wont I probly wont go this year either, but next year is another story.

I might just run a couple times a week and ride my bike the rest, that means I will still be getting the excersize  without the jarring on my legs so much at once.  I will see how that goes.


Anonymous said...

I love biking. This is kind of exercise I enjoy most. Aside from reducing extra weight, it is also fun.

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