Monday, December 5, 2011

Long Break

Oops I been long time gone.  I have finished my EA Active workout 9 week program.  Pretty happy i finally finished that one.  I am gonna start the medium program but I will wait till next week to start it so I can start on a Monday.

My diet isn't going well, I am kinda trying to eat smaller portions, but I know that I like to snack and I should keep some healthy tasty snacks in the house but I know over Christmas it will kinda be a disaster so I may just not worry about it till January.

I feel fitter but I haven't noticed a difference in the way I fit my clothes or anything, but I do notice that my shoulder is not very sore anymore and I sure appreciate that.

Friday, October 21, 2011


Today was a busy day cleaning and I did my EA Active as well.  I had no breakfast, then I had a grilled cheese sandwich with a glass of cranberry peach juice.  For supper I had homemade macaroni and cheese and roast beef frozen from our branding.  I also had a coke.  My first real coke in a long time and it was worth it!  I been trying to drink water, had 2 glasses today.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thursday, October 20

Today was a pretty good day.  I had a glass of orange juice for breakfast and then a bowl of spiderman noodles and a pice of toast for lunch.  I skipped out on supper not on purpose but I was busy so I just had a snack of toast.  I also did my EA Active workout for 132 calories burnt today.  I seem to be getting more regular with my workouts and eating regular meals.  I would like to eat more small meals a day, but I have a hard time thinking about eating that many times a day.

Tuesday and Wednesday

Tuesday I had milk for breakfast (160).  And for lunch was tomato soup (90) and taquitos (360).  Hmm guess I shoulda had more soup and less taquitos, but they are sooo good!  well next time I guess.  Then for supper I had a bowl of icecream (180) with chocolate sauce (210).  Not good, but I needed it cause it was after I just hit the deer on the way home.  The only excersize I got was the 1.5 hour ride on Kali today.

Wednesday I had a glass of orange juice ( ) for breakfast, and for lunch chicken noodle soup (110) and chicken fingers (260).  For supper was bad and had 4 slices raisen toast with butter (320)  Didnt feel like cooking.  But I did my EA Active for 154 calories burnt and the Wii Fit for 115  calories burnt, plus riding for 1.5 hours.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Monday, October 17

Wow cant believe its already the middle of October already!!  Yesterday was a pretty good day.  I had a glass of milk (160) for breakfast.  Then I had bacon (174) and tomato (20) sandwiches(150) for lunch with water.  Then for supper, perogies( 210), sausage (I dont know cause it was homemade but Im guessing 229 ) with onions and sourcream mixed in (7 + 49).

I also did my EA Active workout for 109 calories as well as my 115 calories on the WII Fit.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Friday I woke up feeling awful so I didn't do much for the first half of the day. 

I had orange juice (130) for breakfast.  I had ravioli (250)  and milk (160) for lunch. I had chicken legs (240) and honey garlic pasta for supper with a diet coke with lime.

I been trying to drink less pop, but I really like it so I been going with diet coke which I dont like but it has lime which is okay.  And Charlene said diet Dr Pepper is okay, so I have some of that too.

For snack I had a plum (30).   I also did the biking and a few balance games on Wii Fit.  So not a complete loss of a day.

Saturday I had Mcdonalds Egg Mc muffin meal for breakfast, then  I had snacks for lunch and then we ate out again at Perkins.  I had Chicken Cordon Blue with a piece of pie which I saved half for another day. 

Sunday I had a plum and glass of milk for breakfast.  Then a french vanilla coffee from Tim Hortons and a puffed wheat square.  I kinda ruined the day when we went out for supper and they had a buffet.  I tried to keep healthy with lots of salads and friuts, but I also had turkey, and sweet and sour chicken and chow mein noodles.  It was so good so I am not gonna worry about it.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Thursday, October 13

Well Thursday was an okay day, lots of excersize with riding for 3 hours and then I did my EA Active workout as well. 

I had a banana (90) and a french vanilla coffee(120)  for breakfast.

For lunch was a bowl of KD (260) with tomatos (25)  and a glass of orange juice(110).

For supper was pork chops (191) in mushroom soup (100) and rice (205) and a glass of milk (160).

For snack was plum ( 30 ) and honey roasted peanuts(280)  and more orange juice (110).

So for a total eating calories of 1681, not my best day, but getting more healthy.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Well, so much for keeping up with this everyday.  But all in all I am trying to make halthier choices and been working out on the EA Active 4 times a week (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri) and its a tough workout, about 30 minuutes and 120 ish calories.  It sure makes me sweat!!  I also most days have been doing cycling or skateboarding on the WII Fit and its about the same claorie workout, but more lower body (which is alright, I sure won't complain to have toned legs!)  and its good too, cause I noticed when we went on our cruise last time, my Mom could walk way farther than I wanted to.


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Oops I think I forgot to post all week long.  And I have no memory of what I have eaten that long ago, but I do know that everyday I have been working out using my Wii.  I have EA Active 2 and Wii Fit and have been doing them everyday except Wednesday.  Every day I have been working out to about 115 calories.  I am on a 9 week plan and its kinda cool cause when you use the balance board (which says I weigh more than I do, lol)  it has a weight in it so it can keep track of that for me. 

I have been trying to eat right and on Friday I was in Calgary with my sister and she was telling me about this book called Eat This Not That, and it has all kinds of cool ideas on stuff to eat that is healthier for you.  kinda neat to know all that.  A lot of it is eating out stuff, but there is one of them the no diet book and its more home prepared stuff. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Monday Oct 3

Monday was not a bad day, starting with yougurt for breakfast (180)

Fettucine freezer dish(240) for lunch with some beef vegetable soup(90) and milk (180)

And supper I had a chicken salad sandwich called Sweet and Tangy Chicken club)  with sweet potato fries and coke from O sheas.

But I bought a balance board for my WII and it came with a game, WII Fit, so we worked out and it says I used 115 calories, so that sure will help if I can keep it up.  I made Neil do some too, it was kinda funny cause he has no balance and it asked him if he often trips when he walks, lol.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Catching Up

Well last week was kinda a write off with not being home all week, but this week I am back into the swing of things.  Yesterday I went riding and that's about all the exercise I got.  But I also never ate a lot cause I was so full from last week.  All I really had was a glass of milk for breaky, and 2 chicken wraps for lunch, a pudding, a rootbeer, a bottle of water and some baked chips.  Can't see that lasting too long, but was kinda nice to not eat a ton after eating so much last week. 

I found a link for a calorie counter and have tried it out a few times, still might look for one I can count what I ate and what I burned, would be kinda nice to keep track of that.  Oh I bet there's an app for that, lol.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Today I spent up at the supreme, but I tried to not be too bad.

I had a french vanilla coffee for breakfast.

I had a mozza burger(600) and rootbeer(320) for lunch.

For supper I had 2 chicken wraps(290) from Mc D's and a ice tea(160).

Didn't have much for snacks except a piece of gum. 

But not much excersize either.

Monday, September 26, 2011


Today was a little better.  I sure find it easier to eat right when I am home.

I had a banana and 4 plums for breakfast.

I had 2 wiener wraps for lunch and 2 pieces of toast with butter (150) with a root beer (150)

For supper was a hamburger/macaroni/tomato concoction I made up.  I have no idea on calories on it, but it sure was good.  Trying to stay away from the cheesy creamy dishes I love so much.

For snack I had a yogurt (170) and a mango pop (150 cal)

I made jam and did laundry today, so whatever that counts for exercise.

I guess this isn't a very accurate make sure I eat less than I wear off diet, but it sure makes me think on what I am eating.  Although I do have to try and find a site that maybe will let me find the calories on some things I don't know about, like fruit, and even other nonpackaged items.  Like my homemade canned tomatoes, how am I supposed to know how much is in them. 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weekend at Rodeo

Saturday,  I actually did some excersize.  I rode Razz in the creek for 2 hours.  I'm not sure how much work I really worked, but since it was 29C  it was so hot and I'm sure I sweated away a lot of water at least. 

I had a banana (?) and chocolate milk (160) for breakfast.

A turkey wrap (?) and mard bar (?) and water for lunch.

Then i got lost again cause we headed to the rodeo in Hanna and we stopped at Cactus corner for supper and I had a chicken buger and onion rings.
A coke (160) as a snack.  I keep thinking I need to start on diet or coke zero, but so far it isn't in the fridge, I did buy some, so I haven't started on it yet.

On Sunday i had a banana for breakfast with chocolate milk (160) I never realized that chocolate milk has more calories than coke!  That seems crazy!  I guess it has more nutrients as well.

For lunch/supper I had a seafood melt and fries with ice tea.  I dont know how to check for calories on a meal from a resteraunt, but I dont eat out that often, so I am not gonna work about it too much.

I also had a creamsoda float (170 + 130) later on. 

Again a day of no real exersize.  But hopefully that will change now the weekend is over.  Although I may not be home next week much either but I will try to get something in.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fridays Meals

On Friday I started a litttle more careful about what I ate since I had way more calories than I thought of on Thursday.  I never had breakfast which I actually do quite a bit even though it is a habit I am trying to break.

For lunch I had 2 slices of turkey (40 cal) 2 slices raisen toast with butter (150 cal) and a glass of ice tea(35cal) and a slice of cheese.

For supper was kinda bad cause I went to my Mom's scrabpbooking evening and we had pizzas made on cresent rolls and French Vanilla coffe from Timmys and timbits and pringle snacks.  I have no idea on calories but probly a billion.

 I also didn't do much for excersize besides making a hundred trips carrying boxes in and out of my moms scrapbooking stuff.  Really got yo get back on the excersize track before I see a difference.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

First Day

Well I am starting this blog mostly for my own use, I'm sure noone will want to read it, but I am using it as a way to keep track of what I eat and how much excersize I get.  I am looking to lose weight, but more importantly I am looking to get fitter.  I want to make it easier for me to do everything.  I also am hoping it will help me get less injuries and maybe it will make my shoulder and hip better and not hurt so much.

I am not on any specific diet, just thinking I need to eat less and exersize more.  I really like food so this is really hard.  And I really like creamy foods.  So I will try to eat less of the same foods I normally eat.  I am sure if I cut out all the stuff I like that is not healthy it will be a bad idea because I spend a lot of time at home so there is always food around and I know I would nibble all day long cause I am not filling my craving.

So I will start with today.  I weighed about 164 last time I weighed myself.  That was a few months ago but I don't think it has changed much and we don't have our own scale so I will have to go with that for now. 

Today I had 2 pieces of rasin toast(150 cal) with butter (70cal) for breakfast and half a glass of milk (100 cal). 

For lunch I had a induvidual pizza (400 cal) with 1/2 cup beef vegtable soup(110 cal) with  half can Dr. Pepper pop(142 cal).

For supper I had 2 chicken legs(?) and 1 cup rice(160 cal) with tomato soup (30 cal) on top.

For snacks I had a slurpee(?) and a mint aero chocolate bar (220 cal).

I am gonna try to keep track of calories as well but it won't be super acurate cause hard to guess when its all homemade food.  So far it seems like 1382 plus chicken legs and a slurpee.  Sure seems to add up fast since they say the average diet has 1200-1500 calories per day.  I expect I ussually used to eat closer to 200 per day cause my lifestyle is more active than average.  (although not enough)

For exersize I didn't do much today, just ther regular walking around.  I think I may have to get a pedometor so I can keep track of how many steps I take in an average day.