Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tuesday and Wednesday

Tuesday I had milk for breakfast (160).  And for lunch was tomato soup (90) and taquitos (360).  Hmm guess I shoulda had more soup and less taquitos, but they are sooo good!  well next time I guess.  Then for supper I had a bowl of icecream (180) with chocolate sauce (210).  Not good, but I needed it cause it was after I just hit the deer on the way home.  The only excersize I got was the 1.5 hour ride on Kali today.

Wednesday I had a glass of orange juice ( ) for breakfast, and for lunch chicken noodle soup (110) and chicken fingers (260).  For supper was bad and had 4 slices raisen toast with butter (320)  Didnt feel like cooking.  But I did my EA Active for 154 calories burnt and the Wii Fit for 115  calories burnt, plus riding for 1.5 hours.

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