Saturday, October 8, 2011

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Oops I think I forgot to post all week long.  And I have no memory of what I have eaten that long ago, but I do know that everyday I have been working out using my Wii.  I have EA Active 2 and Wii Fit and have been doing them everyday except Wednesday.  Every day I have been working out to about 115 calories.  I am on a 9 week plan and its kinda cool cause when you use the balance board (which says I weigh more than I do, lol)  it has a weight in it so it can keep track of that for me. 

I have been trying to eat right and on Friday I was in Calgary with my sister and she was telling me about this book called Eat This Not That, and it has all kinds of cool ideas on stuff to eat that is healthier for you.  kinda neat to know all that.  A lot of it is eating out stuff, but there is one of them the no diet book and its more home prepared stuff. 

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