Monday, September 26, 2011


Today was a little better.  I sure find it easier to eat right when I am home.

I had a banana and 4 plums for breakfast.

I had 2 wiener wraps for lunch and 2 pieces of toast with butter (150) with a root beer (150)

For supper was a hamburger/macaroni/tomato concoction I made up.  I have no idea on calories on it, but it sure was good.  Trying to stay away from the cheesy creamy dishes I love so much.

For snack I had a yogurt (170) and a mango pop (150 cal)

I made jam and did laundry today, so whatever that counts for exercise.

I guess this isn't a very accurate make sure I eat less than I wear off diet, but it sure makes me think on what I am eating.  Although I do have to try and find a site that maybe will let me find the calories on some things I don't know about, like fruit, and even other nonpackaged items.  Like my homemade canned tomatoes, how am I supposed to know how much is in them. 

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