Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weekend at Rodeo

Saturday,  I actually did some excersize.  I rode Razz in the creek for 2 hours.  I'm not sure how much work I really worked, but since it was 29C  it was so hot and I'm sure I sweated away a lot of water at least. 

I had a banana (?) and chocolate milk (160) for breakfast.

A turkey wrap (?) and mard bar (?) and water for lunch.

Then i got lost again cause we headed to the rodeo in Hanna and we stopped at Cactus corner for supper and I had a chicken buger and onion rings.
A coke (160) as a snack.  I keep thinking I need to start on diet or coke zero, but so far it isn't in the fridge, I did buy some, so I haven't started on it yet.

On Sunday i had a banana for breakfast with chocolate milk (160) I never realized that chocolate milk has more calories than coke!  That seems crazy!  I guess it has more nutrients as well.

For lunch/supper I had a seafood melt and fries with ice tea.  I dont know how to check for calories on a meal from a resteraunt, but I dont eat out that often, so I am not gonna work about it too much.

I also had a creamsoda float (170 + 130) later on. 

Again a day of no real exersize.  But hopefully that will change now the weekend is over.  Although I may not be home next week much either but I will try to get something in.

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