Monday, October 1, 2012

Change Of Plans

Well a change of plans here, I have gotten the wrong shoes, so I think I am beginning to get shin splints and therefore am changing things up and gonna rest the shins and started biking.  I rode for 2 miles today and will probly be sore tomorrow cause I went faster than I should have but it wasn't too hard.  And I found a perfect set of core workout for running which I will still start on, even though I won't be running for a while now.

I had run yesterday and Saturday and I had been noticing for a while my shins hurt but I thought it was just gcause running was new to me but I was reading yesterday and it says to rest till they go away or it will just keep getting worse.  And just as I was starting to enjoy running :(

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Strawberry Lane said...

Well, I noticed besides your horse-y blog that you had "My Diet Blog". I'm now getting the idea that I should be running, biking, riding horses and all those tiring things.

I'm rushing back to your horse-y blog. :-)